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MLB Baseball Swaps

MLB Baseball prediction site, MLB Baseball prediction market

MLB Betting Predictions

Are you considering MLB betting? Are you looking for MLB baseball best bets with a difference? Try making MLB predictions on your favorite teams and players. Do you enjoy making major league baseball predictions? If you’re bored with conventional MLB sports betting online, trade MLB swaps in our prediction markets here at SportsSwaps.

Buying shares in the outcome of your favourite game is a great new way to get closer to the action, trading your way to a profit or loss. The key is knowing when to cash out and really maximise your swaps profits.

What are MLB predictions?

MLB prediction markets are the new way to make MLB bets that put you in control. There are four types of swaps to trade: game, team, player and future. Each one will test your knowledge of the game and give you a direct stake in the action.

It works like this: Say Trader A thinks the Yankees have a 75% chance of beating the Mets. Trader B matches her swap with a no share of 25%. Once the game starts shares can be traded as the action unfolds - like cashing out your bets but with more action.

Want to play the stock market for sports? It's easy. Just find the markets you like, make a prediction, and start trading your shares. Access your swaps at any time on desktop and mobile by logging into your SportsSwaps account. Tap, trade, and win with the best MLB score predictions.

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