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What Is SportsSwaps?

SportsSwaps is an exciting, new, real money site that tests your knowledge of sporting events by letting you make and trade predictions on the future.

Taking part in SportsSwaps is simple and easy. Pick an event you know something about and see what other traders believe is the likelihood it will happen. Do you think they have it right? Or do you think you have the knowledge to beat the wisdom of the crowd?

For detailed instructions on participating in SportsSwaps, see How It Works

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Online Sports Prediction Market

Tired of the same old online sports betting sites? You need to trade up to Sports Swaps, the unique sports stock market that lets you test your skills and knowledge of sport in an exciting new way.
Trade shares in live & upcoming games and sell when the time is right to make the maximum profit. It's an easy three step process that lets you maximise the profit you make on predicting the outcome in basketball, baseball, football, soccer and tennis.

Trade Shares In Live & Upcoming Games

So how does it work? You'll make predictions on the outcome of live events by buying yes and no shares. The price you pay is the probability of the outcome converted to US cents.

Let's say there's an option on Lebron James scoring 27 points in a game. Think he can do it? Buy Yes shares. If you think there's no chance then buy No. Then watch out for excellent trading opportunities by watching the market move in real time and picking the right moment to trade.

Imagine watching the next Lakers game knowing what's on the line moment by moment - there's no better way to enjoy sports betting than by following our prediction markets.

Visit our how it works page to find out more.

The Online Sports Prediction market

If you've played at sports betting sites that offer the cash out function then you'll have an idea what's in store. But our sports prediction swaps offer you so much more.
Some predictions are straightforward over and under bets, but there are multiple potential outcomes for a range of sports from soccer and American Sports to WTA and ATP tennis.
You can start trading from as little as $10 and we have a wide variety of cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal options.

Learn How to Trade Players

Let's focus in on the trading basics. Like other online betting sites you're looking for the sports and markets that give you a buzz. We call them swap markets and you can browse future events or in-play live.
Now test your skills by making a prediction and buying your Yes or No shares. Then comes the USP of this compelling sports gambling site. You'll need all your savvy to trade your shares and make a profit by selling at the optimum time. Knowing the right time to sell is the key to turning a profit at Sports Swaps. You can buy or sell shares based on existing offers or make your own offers instead. You can name your price and quantity and we'll list your offer until someone matches it. Fast and action packed, live action trading will take your sports gambling to the next level.

Start Trading at Sports Swaps

Sports Swaps is the online sports prediction market every player needs. Back your own hunches against the wisdom of the crowd or play the form book to maximise your potential profit.
Sign up today and enjoy mobile trading that makes it easy to tap, trade and win. There's no download necessary,just log into your account from your browser. If you're ready to start winning, sign up today for free and start trading!