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Navigating SportsSwaps Swaps Markets and Live Events

07 Apr 2021 04:45

SportsSwaps was created to be a fun interactive website that is very user friendly for all users. That is why navigating the SportsSwaps website is so clear and easy to do. In this blog post we will break down some of the features of SportsSwaps and how easy it is to navigate our Swaps Markets

Upon signing up with a SportsSwaps account, you will be directed to the sign in page where you will first need to verify your account through the email address you used to sign up.

After verifying your account, you will be directed to the “Swaps” page where All SportSwaps markets will be listed. Here you can find every single sport’s game, team, player and future market listed. This page can also be accessed if you click directly on the “swaps” button on the top right of the page.

In addition to clicking the “swaps” button, you can also use the dropdown to filter through which sport you want and which category you’d like to choose. Most sports have four main categories to choose from ( Game Swaps, Team Swaps, Player Swaps and Future Swaps). The categories themselves may be self explanatory, but to explain a bit further:

Game Swaps will include game centered questions like:
Who will win between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Denver Nuggets?
Will the Denver Nuggets beat the New Orleans Pelicans by Over/Under 3.5 points?

Team Swaps will include questions based on single teams only, for example:
Will the New Orleans Pelicans score Over/Under 115 points?
Will the Denver Nuggets score Over/Under 12.5 3 pointers in the game?

Player Swaps will include questions focused on individual players only: Will Lonzo Ball have Over/Under 14.5 points in the game?
Will Lebron James have Over/Under 8.5 rebounds in the game?

Future Swaps include questions based on future propositions, example: Who will win the 2020-2021 NBA Championship?
Who will win the 2021 NFC Championship?

When you navigate to an individual game page (let’s say NBA Game Swaps), there you will see all the live sports matches and their live scores shown above. These scores are updating constantly in real time for an improved user experience.

In addition to the live scores, there is an easy way to filter out which matches are live from which matches have not started yet. On the left side of all swaps pages there is a “live events” tab drop down and an “upcoming events” tab drop down. Located under these 2 tabs will be all events that have either started yet and are live, or those which have not.

If you would like to see Live Events or Upcoming Events for every sport at once then just click the “Live Events” or “Upcoming Events” link on the bottom under “Quick Links”

After you have placed a prediction in a market and own some shares, you can then view those shares in the “ My Shares” page. The My Shares page is located in the dropdown underneath your username.

In this section, you will be able to view all ownership in any market, as well as any open offers you may have in a given market. The My Shares page makes it easy to stay organized and on top of your trading portfolio.

Once the trading has stopped and the bets have settled, or after you have bought or sold out of a market, you will be able to view all those transactions in the History page. The History page will give you a detailed description of all shares bought and all shares sold. It will also tell you how much you’ve profited in a given market and how much you’ve lost. On the history page, you can sort previous history by 3 days, 7 days, 30 days or All time.